Members can accumulate JEKCA Points with every purchase made on our website. These points can be directly deducted as cash from the order amount on your next purchase, effectively giving you a 5% rebate every time!


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Points Transfer for Old Members
For old members who have registered at, please send us the following message via E-mail or Facebook message. We will manually transfer your points for you.

Subject: Points Transfer for Existing Members

I would like to transfer my point from 
My Account Email: [Insert your account email]


Points Explanation

For every 1 HKD spent, 5 JEKCA points are earned.
Every 100 JEKCA points can be redeemed to 1 HKD.

For example, if a 460 HKD Shiba Daruma Doll 01-M01 is purchased, upon completion of delivery, you will receive 460 HKD x 5 = 2300 JEKCA points.
You can directly offset 23 HKD (2300 points ÷ 100) in your next order using the 2300 JEKCA points.


You can decide how many points to redeem!

After logging in, click/tab the icon at the bottom left-hand corner.point-icon Then click way to redeem, and then "Redeem". On the subsequent screen, select the desired points to redeem. A discount coupon code should be generated corresponding to the redeemed points.

how many point you want to redeem


Instructions for using discount codes

Desktop users: Enter the discount code at the right-hand side of the checkout page where you fill in the shipping address. Then click "Apply". The discounted amount should be displayed.

Mobile device users: At the top the checkout page where you fill in the shipping address, click/tap the "Display Order Summary" section, and then enter the discount code. Press the "→" button. The discounted amount should be displayed.


Important Notes

  1. JEKCA points cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be used to offset shipping fees.
  2. Only one discount code can be used per order.
  3. If the order amount is less than 200 HKD after applying the discount code, customers are still required to pay a Low Order Fee (30 HKD).
  4. JEKCA points are not applicable in any retail stores.
  5. For assistance, please call 24088018.
  6. If any users are found to be abusing points by exploiting loopholes or engaging in mass registrations, JEKCA Limited reserves the right to cancel their membership.